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from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- Day Six

Thursday, June 7th, 2001 8:57 pm (travelsfar: 2726)
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from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- Day Six

Day Six -- Morning:

Up @ 5 am.

Alberto and Sarita both joined my trip to the hospital facilities. She is now an official member of the 'rinse and flush' part of Jacques' club. She told me that Alberto is afraid of the toilet when it flushes. I wonder if Jacques knows he has a customer, and that his facilities may not be "pristine" any more... I will give him a heads up.

They ran here and there, photographing first one plant, then another, with Bruno's digital camera. They both have a good eye for composition. When we look at the shots in the pop out window, I make comments about what will improve them, and the next batch inevitably incorporates at least one shot with that technique tried. If it looks good, we keep it. If not, we dump it off.

I get such a bang out of Sarita. She will tell me the name of every plant, not in Latin, but in Náhuatl, then follow that at once with the stages in which it is harvested for what purposes. She adds details of how to store it to retain its potency, any special cautions to observe when it is administered, and what the duration of its safe use is. She sounds JUST like Dances Dreams when she does it. It is uncanny. A modern day drug company looking for new uses for herbal medicine could make a bundle on what is locked in her head! I wonder how much of this is general knowledge. The fact that it is all news to me is nothing to judge by.

Day Six -- Late evening:

Jacques has me "in for observation". He takes this patient business VERY seriously. I tease him, but he knows the care is appreciated. Alberto, my co-adventurer, is sound asleep on Cu's lap. They are sitting on the couch. I have the privacy curtain pulled back so I am not so cut off.

The fire circle is fulfilling Jacques' secret fantasy: It is meeting in his living room, sitting in chairs and on couches, sipping warmed tea and coffee from his kitchen -- in general, acting civilized. Outdoors would be a pretty soggy experience, all things considered.

The desks were supposed to be delivered today, but I am sure glad they weren't. It RAINED, as in huge, plump drops, falling hard and fast. Had we books and papers in my classroom, they'd all be pulp by now. The post holes are WELL-SOAKED, I am sure, and effortlessly.

Jacques caught me yawning, so he is going to turn out the light on me.

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