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from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- Day Four

Tuesday, June 5th, 2001 11:04 am (travelsfar: 1424) decT: 4239

from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- Day Four

Day Four -- Morning:

Up @ 5 am. The early morning desert is a wondrous place. I can forgive it for not being green. The temperature suits me fine until 10-11 am, then the serious heat begins. My open-air classroom continues to bother me. Today we will do the alphabet. I've resurrected an old army marching song that has a call-response pattern, and transposed the letters of the Spanish alphabet over it. Marching in step in a wall-less classroom is more likely to happen than anything else I've been able to come up with.

Day Four -- Siesta:

Some workers showed up and began to dig the post holes for the door frame, which was more distracting than one would believe, so I took them on a nature walk to locate letters of the alphabet. They got as enthusiastic as I've been able to get them, so we are drawing or photographing a series of the natural alphabet.

That little Alberto is really something. He just bubbles. I know in Iowa, he'd be in pre-school, not kindergarten, but he's really READY to learn.

Cu caught me on my way back here after class and told me to put in an appearance at some sort of social gathering that's held after dark. Hope I can stay awake for it; it sounds important.

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