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from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- Day Three

Monday, June 4th, 2001 8:02 pm (travelsfar: 984) decT: 3657

from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- Day Three

Day Three -- Afternoon:

Cu came to town and got me so I wouldn't be late for school. He did NOT seem pleased. I wonder if he heard that I tried to quit? He doesn't talk to me at all. I didn't even make it to noon. I'm so sunburned that I can hardly move.

I've added a floppy brimmed straw garden hat to my Wish-I'd-known-to-bring list.

When I mentioned yearning for a mosquito net to PP, he truly amazed me. He said, "Good idea" and offered to pick me up one while he was in town getting smokes. That sure beats waiting a month in fear of being bit by some highly unpleasant bug! I can almost forgive him for the past just on the basis of that one sweet gesture.

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