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from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- Day Two (3/19/02; WC 643)

Sunday, June 3rd, 2001 8:00 pm (travelsfar) 530; decT: 3508

from Despina's Infamous Green Journal -- Day Two

Day Two -- Morning:

Sunday. Arrived Broken Lance late Saturday afternoon. Met my boss. Tried to quit, but sheriff talked me out of it. Hope I don't live to regret letting him influence me.

Arrived Stone Circles Reservation late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Bumped into Paul Peter and took him home, drunk again, as usual. Disgusting. Visited Medicine Woman's cave and talked to her en route. PP came in, too, but hung back when she started talking. Being that quiet is totally unlike him. He always has some (generally nasty) quip ready for every situation.

Day Two -- Afternoon:

Sunday. Saw school site. Saw hospital, only flusher in the area located there. Met dr. (cute, polite, nice, bright, helpful... a possibility?) Saw river, and Genio's place (only green except along the river.). (He was one of the nicer things that happened Sat. night...)

I can't believe how primitive everything is! I could believe this place existed 100 years in the past like Brigadoon, if it weren't for the influx of tourists and their eternal video cameras. And you have to be nice to them, no matter HOW STUPID their questions are, as that is one of the tribe's main sources of capital. I feel another LIST coming on: Stupidest Tourist Question of the Day

I'm to get my water from the river in a five gallon milk can, dropping in five halizon tablets per load. I'm to wash clothes on a stone in that same river, laying them out on various bushes to dry. I considered getting a chamber pot, but in this heat, it would surely reek and not be very sanitary.

And the BUGS! "Check your shoes for tarantulas, scorpions, and fire ants before putting them on your feet. Don't climb into your bed without shaking out the bedding first. Be careful to only pick up rattle snakes by the tail. Don't let them coil," Jacques warned me. Can you envision ME picking up a live rattle snake by anything??? I'm getting a mosquito net from the government surplus store as soon as I get paid! My clothing is staying in the cab of the truck until I come up with bug-proof storage.

My internal thermostat is highly confused by an 80 degree diurnal range. It doesn't know if it should adjust to summer or winter.

Everything seems so desolate after the green of Iowa's spring.

Day Two -- Motel room in town, evening:

Attended evening Sunday school with Nancy, who arranged for me to borrow a blackboard and desks. I may not have walls or a roof, but at least we can sit down without worrying about being bitten by fire ants! I was worried about the desks getting wet before the roof gets built, but everyone assures me this is NOT the rainy season.

I think Nancy and I will become really good friends. Nancy sat beside me as a sign that I was socially acceptable, probably out of guilt over Tex's part in my rough introduction and mistaken impression. His "comeuppance" was the gleeful talk of the ladies' Sunday school class. I wonder how she ever came to be hooked up with someone as low class as Tex. She is really high tone, and NICE.

Someone in town doesn't like the doctor much. Can't figure out why. They evidently poured water in his gas. I wonder if they are anti-Catholic? Most of the Catholics are of Hispanic descent, not White, so that could be it... So, I have a one night reprieve. I can write after dark.

The reservation has no electricity. I can't decide if I will miss it or hot and cold running water the most. I'm getting broken in slowly. The motel has no water available in the rooms, either.

Last updated 3/19/02.

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